Soap Football

Soap Football

Soap Football

Move over regular, field football as you now have the option of playing a less competitive and a much more fun version of the sport: Blazze Soap football.

You can play it irrespective of whether or not you like football since its so much fun and the rules are essentially different. 

 The rules of this game are simple. Each team can have up to 5 members and the one with the most number of goals, wins. 

The only condition is that you must play the game. As mentioned before, blazze soapy football is very different from the actual sport, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll perform (everyone is going to be tumbling, anyway).


Central Attacking Midfielder

A Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM) is that guy who operates between a team’s central midfield and its forwards. He is that spark in a team; the playmaker; the person that most defenders dread playing against because no matter how hard they try to shut him down, he inevitably finds a way to cause them problems. Known for their deft touch, vision, ability to shoot from range, and passing prowess, CAM’s are sought after by teams looking to play attractive, attacking football.

Initially fell in love with the game watching and trying my best to imitate. I gradually shifted my play-style to what felt more natural to me. Playing in a more central role in the attacking third rather than as a winger. This shift was mainly because of my desire to be more involved with the play. Also, I never could reliably get past my defender on the wing…but yea, that’s not important!

What did they do different that I could pick up and practice on so that I could also excel as a CAM?

All of them were unbelievably calm on the ball even when under immense pressure from the opposing team. They usually had at least one trick up their sleeve that allowed them to create that extra yard needed to play that killer pass or to take that incisive shot at goal. They also had incredible vision, the ability to read the game; what weight and angle to put on a pass so that it wouldn’t be too difficult for the forward to get the ball under his control, and where they themselves needed to go to “be at the right place at the right time” to finish off a move. But the most important characteristic that I noticed in all these players was the fearlessness with which they played the game, never hesitating to try the improbable, and the impossible even.

So there you have it fell as. If you want to be a better CAM, you need to work on your passing finesse, improve your shooting skills, learn a trick or two to help with foxing defenders, hone the ability to see a pass that to other players seems impossible and more importantly learn to play without fear. Not all your “brilliant” passes will come off but that shouldn’t deter you because after all, even the best don’t get it right all the time!


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    Blazze Soapy Football here having a lot of fun and entertainment while paying with our family and kids. They are providing service to their clients.


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