Soap Football Chennai

Soap Football Chennai

Soap Football Chennai

Soapy Football is an exciting sport designed for people of all ages with zero experience. It is an attraction for hilarious tournaments and animation. Courage, curiosity, longing to have a go, water and a little soap are the stimuli to activate teams of “sports enthusiasts” and crowds of people. The Soapy Football Pitch is Made of multi coloured polyester and defined by an inflatable edge, which makes it practically impossible for injuries and as it even, has a soft-bedded floor.

Different Types of Corner Kicks

Corner kicks are one of the few set-pieces in football. They provide a genuine attacking opportunity if executed properly. Therefore, let us take a look at the different types of corner kicks in football.

A corner kick is taken when the ball passes beyond the goal line, with the last touch coming from a player of the defending team.


Corner kicks are taken from either of the corners of the football field, depending on the proximity to where the ball went out. These are usually good goal scoring opportunities for the attacking team.

Naturally, there are several ways to take a corner to confuse the defending team. Now, let us take a look at the various ways in which a corner kick can be executed.

1.    Short Corner

The kick-taker passes the ball to a team-mate who is standing closer than 10 yards. This technique relies on opposition players leaving the box and moving towards the ball, thereby creating space to score. Then, either the kick-taker or his team-mate takes back the ball and crosses it into a relatively emptier box or passes it to another player.

2.    Near-post Corner


As the name suggests, the objective of a near-post corner is to cross the ball towards the nearest goalpost. This type of corner usually targets the absence of a defending player at the near post or the lack of a tall player at the same area. The ball is crossed close to the head-height or slightly higher. The attacking player can head the ball, take a shot with his foot or even redirect it towards a team-mate.


3.    Far-post Corner


Just like the near-post corner, these are directed towards the far-post. These are the most common type of corner kicks as the attacking team looks to take advantage of the best headers in the team. Normally, the attacking player runs from the edge of the box towards a lofted cross to head it in.

4.    Mid-range Corner

Between the near-post and far-post, we get the mid-range corner. In this case, the ball is crossed right in front of goal. The exact position can be anywhere from the six-yard box to the edge of the penalty area but it is always in front of goal. In all cases, the attacking player runs in to either head the ball in or volley it.

5.    Direct Corner


One of the rarest corners to pull off, a direct goal is attempted in this case. This is an in swimming corner as the kick-taker tries to curl the ball into the goal.


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    Soapy football is providing a good atmosphere to play football. Here is no rules but no worries and no one gets hurt. We can play football with lots of laugh.


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