Soapy Football

Soapy Football Play the Funniest Game in Chennai.


Football is fun but Soap Football is even more fun. Be-Live It is the first of its kind to set foot into Blazzesoapy. It is one of the best places you could visit with a bunch of your Colleagues, Family or Friends. If you are too bored hanging around the malls in Chennai and wanna try something fun, pamper yourself with some Soapy, Lively Football action.


We are very sure you are gonna feel absolutely wet, soapy and drained out from the fun, so don’t forget to carry an extra pair of clothes with you.


Washroom and Shower facilities are available at the venue itself.


Parking shouldn’t be an issue as ample space is allotted for it. So be sure to the drive-in with a big gang.


Call your most athletic friends! We’re kidding, you really don’t need any skill for this fun game of football. We dare you to be a fierce competitor and try not to laugh! Unless you’re made of stone, seems pretty impossible don’t you think? Doesn’t matter if you play footie three times a week or if you’ve never kicked a ball in your life. It’s all about having fun (and laughing at your friends falling, of course). So prepare yourself for a squeaky clean game of football on the most perfect pitch.


Soap Football is an exciting sport designed for people of all ages with zero experience of soccer. Its was invented in Brazil where people are crazy about soccer and to spice things up a little they started Soap Soccer.


As the name implies, the inflatable field on which the game is played is covered with water and a little soap to make it slippery. The game involves a lot of balance and teamwork.

This 1-hour activity is a great stress buster and is absolutely hilariously fun to play.

6 to 12 people can participate at a time in this activity and it can be availed at flexible time.

It’s been over a year since the company, Soap Football has been offering a fun alternative to the sport in the city.