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Soap Football


Soap Football Let’s admit it. While many of us don’t mind playing a game of football with friends in the evenings or over weekends, Chennai hardly has many options. Parks and open spaces are limited. In order to ensure that you don’t lose out on playing, offer you options of playing turf football, soap football, futsal and basketball inside its premises.


Blazzesoapy is dedicated to nurturing football in Chennai and they have a really cool turf and other facilities at affordable pricing. If you wish to play soap football, you can book a slot for the game. 


For the uninitiated, soap football entails playing football on a soapy floor without any grip. But of course, you will be provided with knee and elbow pads. The basketball arena has a solid vinyl flooring and is perfect for a game of three on three or five on five.


Gather the squad and try and beat them at a football game quite unlike any other. You won’t stop ROFLing at this slippery challenge. Soap Call your most athletic friends! We’re kidding, you really don’t need any skills for this fun game of football. We dare you to be a fierce competitor and try not to laugh! Unless you’re made of stone, seems pretty impossible don’t you think? Doesn’t matter if you play footie three times a week or if you’ve never kicked a ball in your life. It’s all about having fun (and laughing at your friends falling, of course). Washroom and Shower facilities are available at the venue itself.


Parking shouldn’t be an issue as ample space is allotted for it. So be sure to the drive-in with a big gang.


It’s been over a year since the company, Soap Football has been offering a fun alternative to the sport in the city. Football is rather fun and we can vouch for it!


So prepare yourself for a squeaky clean game of football on the most perfect pitch.

Come and play soap football in Blazzysoapy.