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Soap Football Chennai

Soap Football Chennai Blazzesoapy Football in Chennai is all about thrills and giggles. It might be tough to score a goal when you’re tumbling down with your homies down the soap, but hey, all is fair in Soap Football. Yo, you heard that right.


This Brazilian take on classic football has forayed into our city, and we cannot keep calm. This giant football arena is attracting football enthusiasts, beginners, etc. but if you haven’t gotten your hand (slimy) at it, now is the time. Picture a large blue (inflatable) turf with plenty of soapy water; while scoring a goal is what you got to aim, good luck doing that while slipping. Dab and dunk yourself in foam if you score a goal!


While we haven’t tried it out, we asked the good peeps enjoying a game of ball there and their say is that a group must finish up with box cricket, first and then wind up for laughs at football. Looking for epic things to do in the city this weekend? Soap Football is going to keep you upbeat., for sure.


We are very sure you are gonna feel absolutely wet, soapy and drained out from the fun, so don’t forget to carry an extra pair of clothes with you.


Washroom and Shower facilities are available at the venue itself.


Parking shouldn’t be an issue as ample space is allotted for it. So be sure to the drive-in with a big gang.


As the name implies, the inflatable field on which the game is played is covered with water and a little soap to make it slippery. The game involves a lot of balance and teamwork. This 1-hour activity is a great stress buster and is absolutely hilariously fun to play.

6 to 12 people can participate at a time in this activity and it can be availed at flexible time. It’s been over a year since the company, Soap Football has been offering a fun alternative to the sport in the city.